About Me

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Since the beginning of her career as a real estate agent, Jeymy’s priority has been to help the Hispanic community to achieve the American dream. She began ‘The Spanish Team’ in June of 1998 with 5 agents from different offices. Within a year, the team encompassed 40 agents in 13 offices of National Homefinders in Long Island NY.

The team was featured in an article published in Newsday, and reprinted by the Real Estate Magazine (May 28th 1999 edition). The News Anchor of Hispanic Business Today, (Linda Baquero), interviewed Steve Harney (Co-Owner, National Homefinders) and Jeymy and broadcast the interview on the November 2nd 1999 news telecast.

Jeymy also worked as Office manager for Coldwell Banker becoming Responsible for the administration and operations of a full service real estate office.

After that Jeymy joined Steve Harney Inc. first as the Vice President of Operations and after as the Assistant of the President and now she is working as the VP – Spanish KCM and Corporate Liaisons Translating the KCM product from English to Spanish and all its components for the members.