Latinas Are Entering the Luxury Market

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 Latinas Are Entering the Luxury Market | Latina on Real Estate

Recently, HLC Media Group announced the release of a survey of nearly 400 Latinas. The subjects were surveyed about several different things, including how they see themselves, their preferred language for communication, and content consumption.

The buying power of Hispanics is estimated to be at over $1.4 trillion, and according to the survey, “the portion of this spend managed by Latinas is roughly the size of the entire buying power of the African American community.”

Here are some interesting insights about Latinas based on the survey’s results:

  • 61% have a degree
  • 38% earn $75K+ and 25% earn over $100K
  • 44% are married, 10% are co-habitating, 29% are single, and 15% are divorced
  • 33% are 18-34 years old, 38% are 35-54 years old, and 29% are 55-64 years old
  • 48% communicate in English, 35% communicate in English 50% of the time & Spanish 50% of the time, and 17% communicate mostly in Spanish

Additionally, the survey found that Latinas are highly influenced by their social networks:

  • 87% reported that their primary method of accessing the web is on a ‘mobile’ device, and 57% said that their primary method of accessing the web is on their ‘desktop’
  • Facebook is the dominant platform among respondents, with 87% using the platform daily
  • LinkedIn, a more professional network, came in at 26%

In conclusion,

As the report mentioned, Latinas make buying decisions for 88% of their households. If you are a Latina who thinks buying a home is the best financial investment you can make, call a local real estate professional today to find out your options when purchasing your dream home.

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