Uncommon States with a High Percentage of Hispanic Homeowners

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Uncommon States with a High Percentage of Hispanic Homeowners | Latina on Real Estate

As we recently discussed, buyer demand continues to outpace the supply of homes for sale, and this lack of inventory is contributing to rising prices. The bright side of low inventory, however, is that it is giving some current homeowners the opportunity to sell their current homes and look for the houses of their dreams!

Recently the Pew Research Center published their “Demographic and Economic Profiles of Hispanics by State and County” report. This report contains an interactive map that provides information such as the share of Hispanics within each state’s population, as well as the homeownership rate for each state.

As it turns out, there are several states with large Hispanic populations of home owners that we don’t usually think of when we are talking about the Hispanic population within the U.S.:

  1. Iowa – 59%
  2. Michigan – 56%
  3. Indiana – 55%
  4. Utah – 51%
  5. Kansas – 50%
  6. Oklahoma – 50%
  7. Maryland – 48%
  8. Nebraska – 47%
  9. Missouri – 45%
  10. Minnesota – 44%

If you are in one of these states and you currently own a home that no longer satisfies your housing needs, maybe it is time to sell and move into the home that you and your family has always dreamt of! Call a local real estate professional to see the opportunities available for you, and take advantage of the current buyer demand.

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