2017: The Year of Latinas

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2017: The Year of Latinas | Latina on Real Estate

Recently, Rismedia released an article titled “2017: The Year of Women and Minorities,” and we agree with what they have to say. As we mentioned last year, Latinas, and the Hispanic community as a whole, have made extraordinary progress in the United States, some of which will soon convert into wealth thanks to investments in real estate.

For those Latinas looking to buy a property or make changes this new year, there are several states that are helping women who want to succeed, according to MSN Money’s list of ‘The best and worst sates for women.’

Here are the top 5:

  1. Rhode Island

Considered the best state in the country for women, not only does it mandate special accommodations for pregnant workers, but it has also taken considerable steps to address gender inequality and has one of the first sitting female governors in the country, Gina Reimondo.

  1. New York

The pay gap is smallest in New York, where women earn 88.7% of the median male salary, and the state provides state funded pre-K programs for three and four years olds, allowing their mothers to participate in the workforce.

  1. California

In this state, women hold a relatively high share of government leadership positions, including some of the most influential leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Women earn 85.7% of the median male salary and 40.7% of management jobs are held by women.

  1. Oregon

One of the few states to mandate private sector companies with at least 10 employees to allow workers to use paid sick days for prenatal and postnatal care, Oregon has one of the best-funded pre-K systems in the country ($8,648 in state money apportioned per child).

  1. Connecticut

Of the 37 female governors in U.S. history, two were from Connecticut. Women earn 82.4% of the median male salary and 40.4% of management jobs are held by women.

For the full list click here.

If you are planning to make a change in your career, or to buy a new home as part of your goal for this new year, call a local real estate professional who can help you to set a plan to achieve your dreams this year.

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