Housing Is Part of Hispanic American’s New Year’s Resolutions

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Housing Is Part of Hispanic American’s New Year's Resolutions | Latina on Real Estate

Along with their preparation for the holidays, the Hispanic community also prepares for some rituals, customs and traditions that will portend a good outcome in the New Year. Depending on their country of origin, traditions may vary, but all of them will include a list of wishes for the New Year.

What does this have to do with real estate?

For many Hispanic Americans, buying a house will be on their list. According to NAHREP (The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals), “Today, nearly 4 million Latinos – native and foreign-born – would like to buy a home.”

It is our New Year’s resolution to continue giving you the information that will ensure that the Hispanic community will fulfill at least one of its wishes: The opportunity to become homeowners!

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