The Hispanic Community Cherishes Homeownership

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the-hispanic-community-cherishes-homeownership | Latina on Real Estate

For many people this is a special week; some of us will take time off from our busy schedules to spend it with family, and many of us will make arrangements to guarantee that the entire family can be together.

Hispanics have big families, and multiple generations within those families come together to celebrate around this time of year. The difficult years of the housing crisis are in the past for many, but there are some Hispanics who had obtain a new home again after losing theirs. Many of them did this in 2016!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Hispanic homeownership has been increasing. Here are the numbers they reported:

  • First quarter: 45.3%
  • Second quarter: 45.1 %
  • Third quarter: 47.0%

As we can see, this number is growing and will continue to increase in 2017!

If you lost your home during the housing crisis, you may be eligible to return to the market. Call a local real estate professional in your area today so you can get your new home ready to invite the family over for next year’s holidays.

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