The Most Popular States among Hispanic Retirees

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The Most Popular States among Hispanic Retirees | Latina on Real Estate

I recently read an article about “older retirees” leaving the more popular “retirement states” and relocating to the states that they originally left as “young retirees.” The article explained that they “…could be homesick for old friends and neighbors, or want to spend their remaining years close to their children and grandkids.”

When we look at some of these states in particular, the article mentions that “nearly 54,000 people 70 or older left Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas between 2012 and 2014 and went to states like California, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and New York.”

Recently, we talked about the amount of Hispanics within the older population of the U.S., as well as the increasing rate of multigenerational family households among them. I began wondering if we would start to see the same patterns within the Hispanic community alone.

Yesterday, we shared a map of Hispanic Homeownership by State in 2016. Below are our findings, followed by the rate of Hispanic homeownership in parentheses:

States the retirees are leaving:

  • Texas (13.8%)
  • Arizona (18.1%)
  • Florida (21.2%)
  • North Carolina (30.4%)
  • South Carolina (32.5%)

States the retirees are moving to:

  • California (20.7%)
  • Michigan (22.0%)
  • Illinois (22.8%)
  • New Jersey (40.8%)
  • New York (42.5%)

Some of the states that they are leaving have a low rate of Hispanic homeownership, but look at the states they are moving to! If you are a Hispanic retiree and would like to move closer to family and old friends, call your local real estate professional today and make your dream come true!

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