How to Reach out to the Hispanic Community

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reach-out-to-the-hispanic-community - Latina on Real Estate

Last week we held an open webinar titled, “The Hispanic Community: The ‘Hidden Opportunity’ in Real Estate.” During our question and answer session, we received one question in particular that we thought would be great to report on: “How do I reach out to the Hispanic community?”

Here are 5 tips to help:

  1. Mobile friendly information

Jordan Greene, Principal at Mella Media said,Mobile will continue to dramatically improve the blunt instrument of Hispanic marketing in 2016. With better actionable data and targeting, mobile advertisers can begin to truly carve up the Hispanic audience into appropriate sub-groups, and tailor messages to evoke better results.

In a report by eMarketer, they mention that Hispanic smartphone users:

  • Spend nearly 10.5 hours per week using the internet on their devices.
  • Are more likely to access social networks via smartphones (among Hispanic adults in the U.S.).
  • Make digital purchases more often now than they did a year ago (among the majority of U.S. Hispanics).

Is your information mobile friendly? Are you using social networks to share vital information with this community?

There are 28.03 million U.S. Hispanics on Facebook today, according to an article from Nativa. Do you have a business page on Facebook? Customize your audience and share real estate information in both languages. Like Nativa mentioned, “31% prefer Spanish and would be encouraged to become a fan of a page providing Spanish content.

2. Online videos

The time U.S. Hispanics spend viewing videos has increased in the past year. Nielsen reports that “the average Latino spends more than 8 hours watching online videos each month,” and “10 million watch videos on their mobile phones for an average of more than 6 hours per month.” Many real estate professionals are creating small videos to educate these customers about the process, and also to inform them about new houses for sale in the area. Do you have a video channel? If not, create one and show them that you are the expert in the area and that they should work with you.

3. Embrace the culture

Now, I know not all of us are tech savvy and that we don’t have too much time to learn, but here is something simple you can do. Go around and learn about the dominant groups in your marketplace. If you are in Florida, are they Cubans, Venezuelans, or Colombians? If you are in New York, are they Dominicans, Puerto Ricans or something else? Visit their museums, consulates, Hispanic chambers of commerce. Did you know some consulates will let you hold a homebuyer’s seminar? In fact, even some churches, too. Invite a local community leader for lunch and see how much they can teach you about all the different ways you can get involved with the local Hispanic community. Get to know the small Latino businesses in your area.

4. Partnership

Partner with a local organization working in cities with fast growing Hispanic communities. These nonprofits are always looking for sponsors or volunteers. Maybe you or your company would like to participate, especially since it is for a good cause! The Hispanic community shares information about the professionals they know through word of mouth. If you are working with one of the local organizations, everyone will know you are there and they will know what you do, which will in turn get you some referrals.

5. Welcome them

You are the expert in your area; offer your expertise and share information that will be beneficial to them. Do you have a classroom or office with space to do seminars? Offer a home-buyers seminar explaining the truth behind the popular myth that a buyer must put at least 20% down to purchase a home. Invite loan officers to give them advice or help them create a plan to save enough money for their down payment. Maybe they are not ready to buy right now, but they will be your future customers when the time comes. Go back to tip number 3 and ask all those small business to invite their customers to your event. In fact, let those small businesses sponsor your event. It is a big circle, and once you are involved, everyone takes care of each other!

5 thoughts on “How to Reach out to the Hispanic Community”

  1. Good afternoon Jenny,
    I attended the web seminar and I would like to get the guide to work with the Hispanic Community.
    Thank you so much for all your posts and you can’t imagine how helpful they are and give me so much motivation to keep working with the Hispanic community in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    How can I get it?


  2. Good afternoon Jeymy,
    Do you know where can I get information about number of Hispanics homeowners by state in 2015 ? Thank you and letting you know that I will give a Home Buyer Education seminar for Hispanics in a church following your suggestions of how to reach the Hispanic Community.

    1. Hi Milly,
      We just did a blog “Hispanic Homeownership by State in 2016” and we share a map we did based on the information from WalletHub.

      Email me letting me know, if that is what you are looking for, and I can send you the map so you can have a better resolution on the picture for your seminar.

      I am happy to hear that our recommendation is working for you!


  3. Hello Jeymy,

    I am very interested in working with the Hispanic Community. We specialize in Multifamily Apartment Buildings and we work directly with investors. 95% of my database are Hispanic. Do you know if they are seminars, or events or gatherings where Hispanic Investors meet?

    Thank you,

    Lupe Carmona

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