The Hispanic Community: The ‘Hidden Pearl’ in the Real Estate Market

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The Hispanic Community: The 'Hidden Pearl' in the Real Estate Market - Latina on Real Estate

We frequently talk about the Hispanic community and the importance of this group’s effect on the housing market. But how big is the United States’ Hispanic community in reality? According to the Census Bureau, the Hispanic population of the United States, as of July 1, 2014, is 55 million. Today, I would like to share five maps with you that you can use to find more information about the Hispanic community in your area:

1.Map of the U.S Hispanic Population by County, 1980 to 2011.

Here is a map that shows where Hispanics lived in the United States in 2013, and provides detailed information on the 10 counties with the largest Hispanic populations.

2. Map of the Population Distribution of Hispanic Origin Groups by County, 2010.

It is important to know where Hispanic immigrants within the United States come from (especially if you do advertising in Spanish, since some terms will change depending on a person’s country of origin). Here is a map of Hispanic origin groups by county.

3.Map of the Hispanic Population in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, 2011

Many real estate professionals work in major metropolitan areas in the United States. Here is a map of the Hispanic population within select metropolitan areas in 2011.

4.Map of the Hispanic Citizens in 2016.

This is the most recent map on the list. It was created to display the amount of eligible Hispanic voters among U.S. citizens, ages 18 and older. This information is useful because these citizens will be buying property in the future.

5.Map of the Hispanics in the U.S. That Don’t Speak English

Most of the time, information about real estate is only available in English. It is important to realize, though, that there is a big group within the Hispanic population of the U.S. that does not speak English at all. If we want to help our customers in their marketplace, this group must be taken into consideration as they also have real estate needs. This map will give you a better understanding of the makeup of the Hispanic population within your market place.

In Conclusion,

John Dryden said “he who would search for pearls must dive below,” and the Hispanic community is the ‘hidden pearl’ in the real estate market. It is up to you as a real estate professional to dive below and find the pearl of your career.

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