The Desired Cities for Seniors in U.S.A

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  1.  The Desired Cities for Seniors in U.S.A - Latina on Real Estate

Recently, we talked about the percentage of Hispanics in the older population in the United States and how the Census projected it will be 18.4% by 2050. But the question is:

Where are these seniors living?

Forbes published an article talking about “The Most Rapidly Aging Cities” and these are some of the cities they discussed:

The top 10 most senior dominated places are:

  1. Tampa 18.7%
  2. Pittsburgh 18.3%
  3. Arizona 17.7%
  4. Miami 17%
  5. Buffalo 16.7%
  6. Cleveland 16.5%
  7. Rochester, NY 16%
  8. Providence, RI 15.8%
  9. Hartford 15.7%
  10. St Louis 14.9%

The top five least senior dominated places are:

  1. Austin 9.4%
  2. Houston 9.8%
  3. Dallas-FT Worth 10.2%
  4. Salt Lake City 9.6%
  5. Raleigh 10.6%

The cities with the biggest Senior Share Gain between 2010 and 2014:

  1. Atlanta 20%
  2. Raleigh 18.1%
  3. Las Vegas 17.7%
  4. Portland 17.4%

If you are a senior and live in one of these cities, talk to a local real estate professional and find out the opportunities available in your city if you are planning to buy the home you want for your retirement.

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