Giving Thanks for the Opportunity to be a Latino Homeowner

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Giving Thanks for the Opportunity to be a Latino Homeowner - Latina on Real Estate

Because we all have a very busy lifestyle, we don’t have that many opportunities to get together with our family and friends. But this week is one of those opportunities as many families get together to celebrate Thanksgiving.

It is also a great opportunity to look at the history and the reason why this Thanksgiving has been celebrated as a federal holiday since 1863. Isn’t t part of the history a Harvest that included 50 pilgrims who came here on the Mayflower and 90 Native Americans? Those pilgrims came here looking for freedom. In a similar way, Hispanics are willing to take the journey to U.S. looking to fulfill the American dream.

Homeownership is part of the American dream

52% of Hispanics think it is a good time to buy a home and a survey revealed 46% plan to buy their first home within the next two years while an additional 38% plan on purchasing in the next three to five years.

But they need our help! A recent study found that there is a big gap between the growing number of Hispanic households and their ability to purchase a home. They found a gap of 2.5 million Latinos who struggle to achieve homeownership. If we don’t educate them and help them see the opportunities to become homeowners, this challenge can worsen as Hispanic household growth will increase by 5.7 million households over the next decade

In conclusion

The Latinos are here to support the US economy. They have the buying power and, if they want to fulfill part of the American dream by buying a home, we can help them!

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