The 2015 Profile of the Hispanic Home Buyers & Sellers

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compradores y vendedores

Recently the National Association of Realtors published their 2015 Profile of Home buyers and sellers and today we will focus on the numbers that they published about the Hispanic home buyers and sellers.

The Hispanics home buyers

Buyers by region

  • Northeast: 4%
  • Midwest: 2%
  • South: 8%
  • West: 8%

Buyers by adult composition of household

  • Married couple: 6%
  • Single female: 5%
  • Single male: 8%
  • Unmarried couple: 6%
  • Other: 6%

Children in home

  • Children under 18 in home: 10%
  • No children in home: 4%

First-time and repeat buyers

  • First time: 9%
  • Repeat buyers: 5%

And these are the only numbers that they published about the sellers:

Hispanics home sellers by region

  • Northeast: 4%
  • Midwest: 2%
  • South: 4%
  • West: 6%

There are many organizations willing to help the Hispanic community to reach their American dream. If you would like to know your options about homeownership, contact your local real estate professional today!

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