5 Real Estate Resources For Hispanic Buyers

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5 Real Estate Resources For Hispanic Buyers - Latina on Real Estate

The process of buying a home can be scary and frightening enough for buyers, but if on top of that, you add the challenge of not understanding the language, it can make the process even more frustrating.

Here are five resources you can find information, three of them have information in Spanish:

USA.gov: Has all kinds of information available; from affordable housing, moving, foreclosure, even repairing and improving a home.

HUD en español: The Department of Housing and Urban Development has dedicated a page where you can get information on each step of the process.

Know your options by Fannie Mae: Is available in English and has some information in Spanish. Their information helps you understand the buying process, how to be a responsible homeowner and even includes a mortgage calculator.

My Home by Freddie Mac: They launched a consumer website designed with tutorials, videos, quizzes and worksheets to provide additional information on overcoming the most common obstacles experienced when buying or selling a home. It is not available in Spanish but is a great source of information.

What if you are a homeowner having challenges keeping your home?

Making Home Affordable: Is the official program of the Department of the Treasury & Housing and Urban Development. It is available in Spanish and other languages and is a great resource for information to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. It also features a few tools; for example, a payment reduction estimator.

Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”. If you are planning to buy a home, get the information necessary to understand the process better.

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